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Dearest 2011

Monday is the first day of a brand new quarter in a brand new year.  Basically, Monday is our chance to begin resolving the mistakes we made last quarter in 2010.  It’s likely that there are students who are, right this very second, taking a few quick breaths and readying themselves to face the year that they swear will be “different” in one way or another.  Probably because they skipped too many lectures and drank too much beer last quarter and have decided that they won’t err in the same way ever, ever again…right?  Right.

Anyway, I asked a few of my UC Davis friends if they would share their new year’s resolutions with Davis Life Magazine.  Here are some of the changes they have promised to make.

Natalie Sadler, second year grad student in the development program:
“My new year’s resolution is to have a normal sleeping schedule.  Midnight to 7AM!  My other new year’s resolution is to not fall behind on my laundry.”

Alex Innocent, fourth year economics major:
“I vow to post a picture a day on Flickr; to work out three times a week; to drink red wine three times a week; and to log more than 4000 miles traveling (by road or air) in 2011.”

Joseph Yu, fourth year biological sciences major:
“I resolve to study hard…then study harder.”

Elise Le, second year psychology major:
“My new year’s resolution is to be less bitter. Thus, I will cut back on drinking coffee as well.”

So there you have it, 2011.  We’re ready for you.  Winter quarter 2011 at UC Davis, be prepared for bright faces and perfect attendance because this time, we swear we swear we swear–we’ll be good.

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