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Lescroart’s Damage Is Done

Hi.  I’m Walking Bob, and you may remember my encounter with Davis author, John Lescroart back in October.  During that blog entry I focused on John the singer/songwriter and family man.  Now his 22nd novel, “Damage,” is ready to hit the bookstores and he’ll be talking about it at Borders in Davis at 7 p.m. on January 4 or at  Borders in Fair Oaks at the same time on January 5.

Lescroart, which John points out is pronounced as the opposite of “more kwah,” says this novel, which was inspired by true events, is one of his hardest hitting novels.  The son of the family that owns one of San Francisco’s two major newspapers is arrested by Lescroart regular, Abe Glitzky, and convicted of a brutal rape and murder.  Soon Glitzky and many other figures who were key in putting the young man in prison see their careers damaged or destroyed at the hands of the family newspaper empire.

Eventually, the family uses its political clout to get a retrial and to free their son with a $10 million dollar bail.  Not long after his release, more brutal murders begin occurring and Glitzky and his district attorney friend, Wes Farrell, are convinced that they know who is responsible.  But, can they prove it as the killer strikes ever closer to them? As reviewer, Ed Kaufman, said, “How do you hold the reader’s attention, and maintain the tension of complex story lines about the lives and professions of several characters in the midst of horrendous circumstances with intelligent conversation? Lescroart knows.”

John has a strict routine that allows him to pull together the basic concept for his next book in September, fill in details by December and then get the book finished by June each year.  Writing just about every afternoon from his office in downtown Davis, Lescroart is too disciplined a writer to have room for things like “writer’s block.”  As he told me, “a plumber doesn’t get ‘plumber’s block’ and a professional writer doesn’t get ‘writer’s block’.”  He just gets the work done and done well enough to have thirteen New York Times Bestsellers.

I mention the bestsellers, because it’s up to all of John’s fans in Davis and across the country to buy “Damage” early to get it on to those bestseller lists.  In addition to the two local Borders stops, John will hit bookstores across California and as far away as Kentucky and Missouri on the tour listed at John’s website touting what he hopes will become bestseller number fourteen.

If you want to hear John discuss the new novel before it is released on January 4 you can catch a brief interview at the website before you head to Borders that evening to hear him talk about and read from the book. The website also has a link to the earlier October 8 Walking Bob blog entry about John.

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