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Holiday Decor – Where to start?

Today is the FIRST day of Hanukkah! And, only 24 days till Christmas! Where did November go, people? I still have cherry tomatoes ripening in my small veggie garden! The fact is retail stores have been

Classic Boxwood Wreath

set up for the holidays since Labor Day. Now with media-brainwashing and cyber-bullying of sorts, consumers are bombarded with messages of spending and “getting ready”….for the holidays. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and Elaine go to “meet the baby”…..except plug in the phrase “it’s Christmas” or “it’s the holidays”. True, it is a season of good will and cheer, and without getting into the religious core of the season, the fact remains that many of us choose to “deck the halls”.  So, considering that, here is a question: How do you decorate your home for the holidays?  Some of you may have already put up or “assembled” your tree – gasp!…Yes, more and more folks are diving into the world of faux trees.  Did you hang a wreath on your door or weave garland along the banister after Thanksgiving?….Maybe you don’t do trees at all.  Maybe you’re an aficionado with stringing lights or arranging collections of menorahs?  Well, if you’re like many friends of mine, you’re still shaking your head that AYSO soccer is over –  much

amaryllis stems make a statement

less time to deck the halls.  But the proof is on the streets; strings of lights are lining roof tops, mechanical reindeer are bowing their necks and plastic Santas are crouching near chimney-tops. I’ve been out there and have seen it along College Street in Woodland “all the way” to Lake Alhambra in Davis. Folks are decorating!  If you’re waiting for this weekend to get the storage bins out, make a decoration plan with your assortment of lights, ornaments, trains, snowmen and Santas. Are you a “sprinkler”? Do you sprinkle your decorations a little bit here and a little bit there throughout the house? Or, do you have an overabundance of holiday cheer everywhere (read: too many after-Christmas sales!)?  This year take some time to edit your assortment; group like items together or create collections within your own collection. Remember sometimes the simplest of arrangements are the most memorable. Yesterday we received our very first Christmas card in the mail! Yes, my on-the-ball, organized (RETIRED) family friends from the old neighborhood sent their cards out nice and early. Nothing wrong with that – someone has to be first!

Clip you cards to an embroidery hoop

When is the “right” time to send cards out? Well, probably as soon as you get them in envelopes, addressed and stamped – which for a lot of us is barely by the 24th!  What do you “do” with the cards you receive – display or stack? 

As with fall decorating, a simple way to set the tone for the season is on your front door. An array of wreaths are available in a range of prices. As I’ve shopped around Davis, Woodland and Dixon, I’ve seen beautiful “front door decor” at the Big Box Stores but more special items at the boutiques like Beyond the Garden Gate and Creme de la Creme, The House Dresser on Main Street in Woodland and The Dixon Florist. Perhaps you have a well-stored wreath that returns to its centered nail each December; or, maybe you’re a fresh-only kind of family – picking up an evergreen wreath at Silveyville or the Davis Boy Scouts Christmas Tree lot (which by the way has moved to a new location this year – south on Mace across from the fire station). Whichever the case may be, before you hang your wreath give your porch a once over.

Sweep it, power-wash it, wash any window glass nearby….In other words, get your entry ready for the season. Between holiday party guests, friends and neighbors dropping by – a trio of carolers if you’re lucky…Why not “dress up” the very first landing spot of your home?

However you “get ready” for the holidays, I wish you a joyful and peaceful season with your families and friends. Sticking with the theme of good will to all is always a good place to start when it comes to celebrations and preparing for the new year ahead. Happy Holidays everyone!

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A Beautifully Set Holiday Table

All photo credits go to Martha Stewart Living, Traditional Home and Southern Living  magazines.

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