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Wobbling to Work

I said yes to something very Davis-esque recently: I rode my bike to work. Many of you who live in Davis bike to work on a regular basis, so this probably seems like a banal Yes experience, but for me, it was entirely new and somewhat stressful. I had mentioned the idea to my boss at the winery, Mark West, a few weeks ago, not planning on committing to it but more using it as a conversation piece and a demonstration of the commitment that I had made to cultivating my appearance as a savvy, green citizen of Davis. Instead of making a similarly insincere remark about how great my interest in biking was, he offered to show me the best way to ride to work by riding with me the next week.

So there I was the following Tuesday, nervously waiting for my boss on the corner of 4th and L streets. I’m not a confident bike-rider yet, although Davis is doing its best to get me there. Nervous thoughts flew through my head: Would we take a route with a lot of cars? Would my pathetically weak leg muscles give out halfway there? Would I be able to break at stop signs without toppling over? Would I hit a crack in the sidewalk and go flying into my boss?

The bike path we took

We started off heading east, crossing L Street (with me accidentally cutting a car off and giving a small apology wave, promptly sending me wobbling further into the car’s way), and accessing the asphalt-paved bike path that runs along both sides of 5th Street. This went fairly well for a while, and I was even able to access my camera in my jacket pocket and take a picture of Mark riding in front of me (see top photo). We turned off of the 5th Street bike path just after Spaffored Street onto a pleasantly tree-lined cement bike path that runs behind the large office buildings and warehouses that line the north side of Second Street. This bike path eventually spits you out onto Alhambra Drive, but we turned off into the Target parking lot, and arrived at work only 8 minutes later than I would have had I driven.

We made it!

After all my worry about the ride, a slightly earlier wake-up time and sweaty pits were the only downsides, and it was a nice way to get a little exercise. So, you can probably find me riding along 5th Street around 9 am several days a week now, and I apologize in advance if I cut you off.

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