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Trader Joe’s Shopping List

Am I the only one who leaves Trader Joes empty-handed? I never quite understood the craze and after visiting the new Davis store, didn’t have any luck. It’s a grocery store! I was expecting more gift-like items, something obvious at the end of each aisle saying “Buy me. This is what you’ve been waiting for.”

So, I decided to ask my Facebook friends what makes Trader Joe’s so special. What am I missing out on? Here’s what they had to say:

Flowers (five people mentioned their $3.99 bunch of flowers)

Wine (four people said that their inexpensive wine was not-to-be-missed)

Cereal (two people)

Mini tacos (two people)

Whole-wheat honey pretzels (two people)

Breads/bagels (two people)

Fancy/greek yogurt (two people)

Chocolate-covered raisins

Dried fruit


Shrimp potstickers


Frozen pastas

Cheap booze


Artichoke parmesan dip

Mini pizzas

Frozen Lasagna

Frozen basil pods

Bleu cheese-stuffed olives

Premade salads

Fun cheeses and meats

Chocolate-covered power berries

Cranberry/orange scones

Cinnamon-covered almonds

Frozen rack of lamb

All-fruit popsicles in the summer



Frozen brown rice

Frozen fish


Thanks FB friends! I’ll see if I’m successful next time I visit. If not, I’m perfectly happy hanging out next door at CostPlus World Market.

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