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Letter From the Editor

The beach at Hotel La Playa in Mazatlan.

I’m a fan of non-traditional Thanksgivings. I do love tradition, but for some reason, want to forgo it when it comes to this particular holiday. It’s a combination of reasons really… I don’t particularly like turkey and mashed potatoes, even when it’s prepared really well; I hate that someone, even if it’s not us, has to prepare this meal for days and days for a hungry group to devour it in 15 minutes leaving a mound of crystal and china that needs to be hand-washed; And, it’s anti-climatic. Christmas has presents, Easter has the egg hunt, Halloween has trick-or-treating. Thanksgiving just offers gorging.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. Thanksgiving is a tradition of gathering around the family table sharing a big feast and offering thanks. I’m all for that! I just want the table to be beachside in Mexico, or somewhere tropical, while I’m wearing my bikini eating chips and guacamole and drinking a margarita. I want to spend an entire week with my extended family giving thanks, not just a four-hour get-together followed by three days of business as usual.

Fortunately, I have a family that has similar beliefs. For the past 6-8 years,  we’ve been switching off every-other year. One year we’re home for a traditional Thanksgiving that my husband and I host, then the next year we vacation together, all 45 of us. Sometimes we cruise to Mexico and enjoy Thanksgiving Day in port on the beach at Hotel La Playa in Mazatlan, and sometimes we just fly to Mazatlan and spend the week there.

With grown and young children, it’s glorious to have everyone together for an entire week. Not only that but I get to spend it with siblings, nieces, nephews, my aunt and uncle, cousins, my dad and my grandparents. Thanksgiving Day is spent with the sun on our faces, sand between our toes and guacamole in our tummies while we watch family members boogie board, Jet Ski and parasail. When we return home, my husband, sad over the fact that he didn’t get to plan a traditional meal, makes the entire Thanksgiving feast and we invite my dad over.

Last year we were on a cruise, so that means that this year, my husband and I are hosting at home. Jon is already excited, and I’m already fantasizing about next year’s trip. I’m not one to pout in the corner though, so I’ll help make sure that it’s a wonderful feast, with great decorations and lots of love. There are several traditions I’ll share in my Well FED (food, entertaining and daytrips) blog in Davis Life Magazine this month – one an old tradition started by my grandmother, the other a new one I started several years ago. I know that our other DLM writers have lots of great features in store for you as well, but I never know what that’s going to be. I get to be surprised just as you are.

So, whether you’re home or away this Thanksgiving, celebrating tradition or breaking it, surrounded by family and friends, or reading a good book by the fire, I hope that your Thanksgiving is everything you want it to be.

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