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Much like a restaurant review describing a subjective dining experience, the following is my personal experience with carpet cleaning of all things…..What can I say? My inner Home Economics degree was called.

Organic is a label we see everywhere and for some people it’s the proverbial “no-brainer” choice as a consumer. Why would one knowingly eat, wear or use anything laced with potentially harmful chemicals? Well, there are a lot of reasons and it is completely personal. There is so much information bombarding consumers about “what is safe” and “what is not safe”.  Cleaning products fall in that category. With the holidays around the corner, many of us are getting our homes in tip-top shape for hosting parties, dinners, etc. So, did you know there is an organic option for carpet cleaning? I didn’t. For over a decade I’ve been a repeat customer for some of the local carpet cleaning companies, and, honestly, I didn’t consider much information beyond availability, price and reputation. Recently, I went with a different company and got a healthy dose of product knowledge concerning carpet cleaning methods. I scheduled carpet cleaning with Love’s Dry Carpet Cleaning which uses a dry extraction carpet cleaning system manufactured by a company called HOST.  The results were great; the price was competitive, and the most important benefit was the “green” factor. The product Love’s uses is Green Seal certified, representing a responsible choice improving the quality of the environment….That’s a lofty statement….it holds water too – the statement but most importantly not your carpet. Do we even want to think about that toxic carpet pad lining after repeated wet cleaning methods?

HOST studied air quality tests in homes that used their dry extraction carpet cleaning system. Dust, pet and mold allergens were measured before and after the cleaning application. The reduction in allergens in their study was as high as 85% after just one dry carpet cleaning. How does this work? Host’s extraction carpet cleaner is a soft, organic product that works like an ordinary kitchen sponge.  The sponge pieces hold a minimal amount of liquid to dissolve and absorb both water-based and oil-based dirt. The small sponge pieces are moistened with water, detergent and a small amount of safe solvent. These treated sponge pieces are applied to the carpet fibers and worked over using a machine that loosens, dissolves and removes the dirt. And because it’s a low moisture cleaning system, the carpet is almost dry and ready to use once the process is finished. No need for fans on ‘high’ or windows open waiting for the carpet to dry. There isn’t a sticky residue or chemical smell lingering in your house either. Trace amounts of the sponges may be visible, but are removed with subsequent vacuuming.

Competitively priced, effective cleaning results, better for the environment and our respiratory systems – now that’s a “no-brainer”. This holiday season with all your efforts to bring good cheer consider this environmentally-friendly option for your carpets.

Love’s Dry Carpet Cleaning
Kelly Love, owner

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