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Midtown’s New “The Press”

Hi there readers!  I apologize for the lack of blogs, boy this summer really flew by!  We had wedding after wedding to attend, so time to hit the town and eat became few and far between.  But, the weddings are over and I’m ready to get back in the saddle.

When I heard that a new restaurant called “The Press” was taking over where Dragonfly used to be on Capitol Avenue, I was really excited.  I love new restaurants!  Then, I got a phone call telling me that the owner of The Press was none other than David English, who I grew up down the street from!  Even more exciting.

Shortly after The Press opened, we made a date to try it out with some friends of ours.  Everything we had was absolutely fabulous!  And, I’m not just saying so because I know the owner!

To start, we had a garlicy shrimp appetizer that was a special for the night and not on the menu.  Special, indeed!  The shrimp practically ran off the plate into our mouths, they were so delicious.  For dinner, we amazingly each chose a different entrée, which was great, because I got to try them all.  Kris had the scallop dish, which was perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection.  The best thing about this was there were FOUR scallops on the plate!  For you scallop lovers, I know you’ll be happy to hear that.  Most times, there are only 2 scallops, 3 if you’re lucky.  Being a pork fan, I chose the pork which came in a lemon caper sauce and roasted potatoes.  I thought this was amazing, but word to those who don’t like things too salty, it may be a bit too much for your tastes.  I love salt, but I don’t add it to my food, so when something comes to me and it is already salty, I’m in heaven!  Jay ordered the braised beef short rib, which was so delicious.  I feel like with braised ribs, you sometimes don’t know what you are going to get.  Well, I can tell you at The Press, you get a delicious portion of meat, in a red wine sauce, served over mashed potatoes.  Yum!  Vanessa ordered a penne pasta dish with red sauce, which I did not try, but I can tell you that the plate was so clean by the time she was done, they could have put it back in the cupboard, ready for another use!

Overall, our experience at The Press was top notch.  David came out and checked on us, not once, but twice, and not only because we are family friends.  I saw him checking on all his guests, making sure their meal was to their liking.  We also ordered two bottles of a very nice Italian Vermentino, one we all had never tried, but enjoyed tremendously.  Last but not least, the price was right!

The Press is located at 1809 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811 www.thepressbistro.com

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