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For the Freshmen

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It’s been two weeks since fall quarter began.  For most of us, these first couple of weeks take on a familiarly hectic pattern: painfully buying overpriced textbooks, maneuvering through bicycle traffic, re-entering and re-meeting professors…for us it’s just another start of another quarter in college.

But let’s take some time to talk about the freshmen one last (probably not) time. Oftentimes I jokingly refer to them as alien beings, feeling their ways around a world so foreign to them.  Most of them enjoying independence for the first time in their lives.  It’s a strange time; a moment of true adjustment.  And, of course, with the adjustment come a torrent of firsts.  So today I thought I’d ask a few freshmen on campus what they’ve experienced here in Davis that they’ve never experienced any place else.  Here are a few of their answers:

UC Davis Softball Team

“My first time getting a credit card.”

“My first time away from home and my parents.”

“My first time jumping out of a window.  It seemed logical at the time.”

“My first time in a bicycle crash.”


Thomas Marchet

I don’t know about you, but these responses washed a torrent of memories from my freshman year over me.  I studied in San Francisco that year and lived on the twelfth floor of a dorm building called “The Towers”.  I’ll never forget looking out the window and down towards the street where my mom stood next to the minivan, waving up at me with both of her arms, tears streaming down her cheeks.  I also remember feeling more disoriented and excited than ever in my life.

Do you remember your “freshman firsts”?  Take a trip down memory lane with me and recall that disorientation, that fresh excitement.  Do it for nostalgia’s sake—I’m sure you remember.

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