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Who doesn’t love a relaxing manicure and pedicure? Carving out time for personal care is even more pleasant when the surroundings are extremely clean and the location is thoughtfully appointed with style and flair. I recently was made aware of Salon Jewel – and the name is perfect! This nail salon is a rare gem in Davis! If you’re tired of the “down and dirty” econo mani-pedi, give Kathy Delgado a call today to make your next appointment, 530-297-5395!

Salon Jewel Owner, Kathy Delgado

Kathy has been in business as a licensed manicurist for close to ten years. She recently set up a new location at 1107 Kennedy Place, in the business park at the corner of East Covell Boulevard and J Street. Upon entering Salon Jewel you know your nail treatment is not going to be rushed or interupted with distracting conversations. Kathy schedules appointments one client at a time. Her set up is extremely private and includes a relaxing, high-quality spa pedicure chair and manicure table. The lights are low and the music soft. At Salon Jewel Kathy specializes in natural spa manicures and pedicures. There is no eye-stingy trace or foul-smelling odor from acrylic nail applications whatsoever. Kathy offers her clients exfoliating and paraffin treatments, French polish and nail art.  Also, no more crossing your fingers that the basin and tools are germ-free, not to mention worrying about mystery nail dust…. At Salon Jewel you will find above industry standards for cleaniness and hygiene.

Above industry hygiene standards

Ever heard of a manicure that lasts 14 days without smudging, chipping or losing its color? Something new in the nail world is the Shellac finish – a patent-pending alternative to acrylic nails. Creative Nail Design is the innovative company that developed what they are calling a hybrid nail polish – it’s the best of color polish, the best of gel along with new technology to ensure a perfect maniucre for two weeks! Salon Jewel is the only location in Davis where you can get it! Shellac has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, WWD, television and on the Internet – just Google it. Check out more about Shellac here.

Back to Kathy…The nail experience she delivers is personal, like with a hair stylist. Her clientele comes regularly; many  longtime customers have followed Kathy from her early days in Fairfield. Now rooted in Davis with her youngest son at Davis High, she appreciates the small-town atmosphere. A supporter of many local charities and schools, Kathy is connected as a business-owner and parent. I think that’s why her clients appreciate her so much. No, it’s her thoroughness, attention to detail and incredible de-stressing massage! Obviously, customer service and word of mouth advertising is her life-line. With so many nail salons in Davis, Salon Jewel truly stands above the rest.

A welcoming and relaxing suite at Salon Jewel

Kathy’s personal style and self-expression is apparent at Salon Jewel. “Word Walls” with positive affirmations and special quotes adorn the salon, as do candles, mirrors, special photos and attractive accessories. Manicure and pedicure prices reflect the quality and time of the treatment and results. The next time you want to schedule some “me time” try Salon Jewel, and don’t be surprised if you never want to go back to another nail salon again!

Treat Yourself!

Salon Jewel
Kathy Delgado
1107 Kennedy Place, Suite #9
Davis, CA  95618
530-297-5395 or

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