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Final Beery Thoughts

A bottle I painted a couple years ago. A tribute to Davis and beer.

I’ve now graduated UC Davis and the lease on my townhouse is up, so I’ve gotta get out.

So now I’m moved in with my friend in Park Merced by San Francisco State University.  I’ve wandered onto their campus the first two days of classes and had my picture taken for the newspaper, and then won a 19″ Samsung HDTV from a Comcast booth…I’ve had a very luck-filled, warm welcome so far.

Main thing to note though: I can no longer write about beer in Davis because I’ll no longer be in Davis.  So this is my last post.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this column as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.  If you have enjoyed it, please leave a comment here saying so–and not because I want to feel good about myself–I link to this column on my resume and cover letters, and I’m pretty sure a bunch of positive comments would help me get a job.

I thought I’d conclude with a list of opinions and observations:

– -The Davis Food Co-Op is, hands down, the best place to buy beer in the Yolo and Sacramento County area.  Best selection and best prices.

– -Aggie Liquor has a surprisingly good selection of beer.  Definitely worth checking out, just has higher prices than the Co-Op.

–I’ll sorely miss $4 pints of Racer 5 IPA and Arrogant Bastard at Burgers & Brew.

–I preferred Tacos & Beer sans-DJ.  There’s not even a dancefloor.  I like the place, but I liked it more when I could more easily talk to the people I was with.

–Little Prague used to have $2 bottles of beer available…what happened to that?

–If you decide to buy Stone beer at the Food Co-Op, look at the “Enjoy By” date on the bottle…their stock of Stone 6-packs is often old, AND I DON’T WANT IT GETTING JUDGED UNFAIRLY!

–Stone really is a great brewery

–21st Amendment here in San Francisco is also a great brewery, but $6 pints at their pub, ugh.  I’ve gotta get a job.

–Speaking of jobs, there seem to be way more coffee jobs in San Francisco than beer jobs, so I’m focusing on my coffee chops.  If you haven’t tried The Pepper Peddler‘s coffee in Davis, you should.

–Speaking of peddlers, I’ll be very sad to no longer be able to peddle my bike to any destination I could want to go in under 10 minutes.

–A big advantage of beer over coffee is that it’s, more often than not, way less subtle.  Sure there’s all those subtle Belgian beers and such, but the majority of craft beers are big and bold, which is what I think makes it easy to get excited about.  ie. IPAs, sour beers (yes, I know sours are Belgian and can have subtlety)–hops and extreme acidity are not subtle, and surprise surprise, they’re popular and exciting.

–If the Food Co-Op is out of Pliny the Elder, just go to The Nugget or Aggie Liquor.  It’s more expensive at those places, but it’s usually available.

–3rd & U’s 2 pints/$5 at anytime is a great deal.  I can’t believe I forgot to include it in my FlowChart.

–What other old post should I link to so that you read it? This one maybe?

–Davis used to allow open containers as recent as 2002.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have this again?  After I went to Spain where people gathered in plazas to meet and hang out, I was convinced that everywhere should allow open bottles.

–And, I’m not really gone from Davis.  I’ll be back.  I’ve got business in Davis.  I hope the Davis craft beer scene continues to thrive with things like the featured brewery tastings at The Graduate, the great selection at the Food Co-Op, and the New Belgium Film & Beer in the park event this year.

And I’d love to see Davis homebrewers join forces to create events featuring their beers.  I kept suggesting this, but no brewers contacted me about it.

ANYWAY.  I hope you all continue to savor your beverages.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts from our new Davis beer writer, Eric Dirksen.

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