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Despite the numerous, positive attributes and resources in our community, don’t you sometimes wish we didn’t have to drive thirty minutes, sixty minutes or more to peruse home design retailers and showrooms? Most warehouses and larger, specialized home design resources are located beyond The Causeway, making a quick trip to check out fixtures, appliances, flooring or furniture not always possible. Whether a consumer or a design professional, this can be a scheduling challenge! Well, you can imagine my joy and relief when Floor Coverings International opened up shop on Madson Place off Fifth Street! Owners Sean and Kim Tanner are Davis residents with school-age children; they’re invested in the community. I met with Kim to learn more about their business and what’s new in the flooring world.

Abundant collections of stone and tile

Floor Coverings International is a franchise operation under the same umbrella as California Closets. In their Davis studio customers can browse the many categories of flooring: stone (slate, terrazzo and travertine) and tile (ceramic and porcelain), hard surface flooring (hardwood, laminate and vinyl) and eco-friendly flooring (bamboo and cork). There are several innovative products new on the market which offer consumers many options without sacrificing style or function. I’d recommend giving Kim a call to set up an appoitnment, 530-757-6324.  It’s always a better use of your time to have someone who has the product knowledge answer your questions, even if you’re in the “inquiry stage” of your home design project.

Premium flooring brands

Floor Coverings International offers a free in-home consultation and design services are available. Floor Coverings International serves the areas around Davis – West Sac to Fairfield. They’ve established relationships with licensed, local installers and are commited to positive business relationships with their trade partners. Providing excellent customer service is of utmost importance to Sean and Kim, and while I was meeting with Kim I observed the hustle and bustle of business around me and efforts to get customers what they needed.

In the studio I noticed the range of recognizable, premium flooring brands and as well as fresh new looks in vinyl – yes, vinyl! Calling all dog owners…..It’s called Luxury Vinyl! What makes this flooring workhorse new again is its availability in woodgrain faux finish planks – no wall to wall here – planks! Tough to scratch and easy to clean, a choice to be considered for sure. Plus, it’s manufactured with recycled material; this isn’t your mother’s vinyl kitchen floor people!

Eco-Friendly Options: Cork and Bamboo

Amidst the stone and tile collections were boards and boards of specialty brands matching a range of budgets. I loved the crackle subway tile, glass tile accent options, and the marble-hex too! From display to display I got more and more excited about the potential this studio has for all the home projects out there! Finally, we have a consumer-friendly option for flooring shopping in Davis! Check it out – you won’t be disappointed! Here’s a link to their website for more info.

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