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Raku Sushi – All You Can Eat!

I love sushi.  Love love love sushi.  Most people crave pizza when they’re hungover.  Not me, I crave sushi.  I have never been a fan of an “all you can eat” sushi restaurant.  Often times, it is buffet style – I don’t care for buffets in general, but a sushi buffet makes me cringe.  I’m also not a fan of the moving boats where you can grab some sushi as it floats by.  How long has it been sitting there?  Has anyone touched it?  How about a sneeze, did someone sneeze as this particular piece of sushi floated by?  No, thanks.  Kris loves sushi, too.  However, Kris has a huge appetite.  Huge.  So, going to sushi when Kris is starving is not the most cost effective dinner choice.  There have been many occasions where we’ve left a sushi restaurant with a hefty bill, vowing to never do that again…only to find ourselves right back there come the next month.  What can I say?  We love sushi.

I read about Raku and was intrigued from the get go.  All you can eat sushi for $16 per person that is NOT a buffet?  Tell me more, please.  So, Kris and I ventured out to Raku in West Sacramento on Monday night.  Raku is in a strip mall, which didn’t make me bat an eye.  The best sushi restaurant I have ever been to was in a strip mall in LA, so that didn’t phase me a bit.  We were promptly seated to a nice booth and the restaurant was about half full.

After viewing the menu, we made our decisions and placed our first order.  5 orders of Nigiri and 3 rolls.  Raku makes their rolls smaller than most places, with only 4 bites per roll.  We both thought this was great, because we were able to try more rolls!  The Nigiri that was served looked and tasted very fresh.  The slices of fish were not as large as at our other favorite spots, but were by no means small.  As we tried each new roll, we were continually pleasantly surprised!  Everything was super tasty and very appealing to the eye.

Overall, we tried 7 orders of Nigiri, 5 rolls and Kris had a handroll. Everything was great!  While Raku didn’t take the top spot in my heart for a sushi restaurant, it’s definitely in the top 5.  All that fish for under $40?  You can bet we’ll be back!  Sushi Raku does not have a website yet, but is located at 2915 West Capitol Avenue in West Sacramento.

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