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Our Favorite Napa Winery

Our new favorite winery in the Napa Valley is Alpha Omega. Alpha Omega touts itself as “one of Napa’s newest boutique wineries” on their website. It’s not necessarily our favorite wine (the wine is great), but it is our favorite winery. In fact, we’ll now go to Napa Valley to visit only this one winery instead of visiting 5-6.

Alpha Omega is housed in what appears to be a rustic farmhouse, but on the inside is modern with lots of light, handsome tasting rooms and gorgeous appointments. The view from the tall farm windows is the main reason we visit – the gorgeous and comfortable outdoor area overlooking the gigantic pool with the fountains that spray high into the air.

The large armed, wood chairs with overstuffed cushions surround tables to set your wine on as well as a large fire pit and look towards the mountains, vineyards and the fountains whose mist lightly sprays your face if the breeze is in your favor.

Yes, this is the reason we visit. My husband and I each buy a tasting, then take our glasses out back and just sit. It’s glorious. We’ve been there with a group, which is great fun, but have also enjoyed the quiet of just us and the other winery guest milling about. There is a nice picnic area as well with great views, something we keep saying we’ll do in the future. A stop at Oakville Grocery www.oakvillegrocery.com on the way to get one of their yummy sandwiches and other delicacies to pair with a bottle of Alpha Omega would be a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

On busy days, you’ll have to take your glass into the tasting room for refills, but on quieter visits, the friendly staff will come out, pour your next tasting and talk about the wine.

Alpha Omega is located on Mee Lane off of Highway 29 right before Dean and Deluca. When you turn off of 29 onto on to the old road which is Mee Lane, you’ll think you made the wrong turn. It’s not like the main crossroads we’re all used to driving to get to the Silverado Trail or back to 29. It’s narrow and in need of repaving with what appears to be a residence of some sort on the corner. But, right past that is the driveway into the winery with lovely grounds, easy parking and those chairs and views that you just won’t want to leave. www.aowinery.com.

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