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Beers & Films in Central Park

You likely know about it.  There have been posters around town, and even small flyers around the necks of New Belgium beer bottles in Aggie Liquor.

But just in case you’ve missed these promotional efforts, I’m here to tell you about it.

New Belgium brewery from Colorado has a line of beers they call Lips of Faith.  The Lips of Faith series used to only contain a few special beers in it, expensive ones, like a sour brown ale in a 22oz. bomber for $13.  NOW, the their website lists 12 Lips of Faith beers, including a Dandelion Ale, Dark Heather Saison, and a Dunkelweiss, which you may remember, is a style some local Davis brewers cooked up a few weeks ago.  I gotta go try a sip of that.

So that’s what Lips of Faith is.  Their creative beer line.  The event on Friday is Clips of Faith…creative films loosely based around Craft Beer, Sustainability, and Whimsy, submitted by New Belgium fans, presented at dusk alongside some Lips of Faith beers and snacks (you can bring your own food if you want, but they’ve got the beer covered).

Davis is the 5th city on the Clips of Faith tour.  In each city, proceeds go towards local groups that helped make the event happen.  For our town, they’ll go towards Davis Bicycles! and The Davis Bike Collective.  Also, the Pepper Peddler will be there serving coffee roasted this Wednesday night (I’ll be helping roast that coffee tonight), as well as having the bike powered coffee roaster on display.  And if we’re lucky, we’ll get to give a demonstration of the coffee roaster in action, and I suppose then sell those roasted beans.

I played no part in putting this event on or anything, but I hope to see a good turnout because it’s a pretty unique event that I feel like we’re pretty lucky to get to experience.  And if things go well, I’d be down to help organize regular craft beer get togethers in the park…there’s just something really satisfying about drinking outdoors in public.  Too bad it was made illegal in Davis in the summer of 2002…

Anyway, see you there!

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