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Vacation at Rio City Cafe

In need of a vacation, but have no time to take one? Then head over to Rio City Café and enjoy their patio overlooking the river. Whenever I need a “vacation” for an hour or two, I find a place that always makes me feel like I’m far, far away from home without a care in the world. I have several such places locally, and Rio City Café in Old Sacramento is one of those.

First of all, there are many vacationers and families milling about Old Sac, giving you a quick sense of fun, family and freedom. People aren’t in suits rushing around on their cell phones, reminding me of what I should be doing. People are filling bags at the candy barrel stores, riding on the horse and buggies, driving by on boats and touring the Delta King. Even though Jon and I both worked in Old Sac for many years at Fat City and California Fats, we never feel like we’re working when we’re here.

Rio City Café sits right on the river next to Joe’s Crab Shack. It’s much more upscale than Joe’s, and they have a huge patio and deck the length of the restaurant in the back, overlooking the river and Tower Bridge. The drinks are great, and the food is fine – nothing exciting, but we have a few favorites we always go to and have found that the other food isn’t very memorable.

On this “vacation” night, Jon ordered a Blood Orange Margarita and I ordered the New Harbor Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. I love the Australian and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’s during the summer because of their full fruit flavors. I asked our sweet waitress if she was from New Zealand as well after hearing her lovely accent, but she answered, “No, South Africa.” She had lived in Florida as well and said it was dreadful and much prefers California.

Rio City has a good wine selection and many wines by the glass, as well as great cocktails including an interesting cocktail menu if you’re looking for something new to try. We’ve also enjoyed their Sunday brunch with the endless glass of champagne and mimosas.

We ordered the Ahi Nachos, one of our Rio City staples. We’ve been enjoying these here for 10-15 years… I can’t even remember how long. The Ahi Nachos consists of raw chopped Ahi on fried wonton skins, topped with tomatoes, ginger, green onions, sesame seeds and soy lime vinaigrette. Delicious! The other menu item we like to order, but didn’t on this day, is the Sourdough Cheese Loaf. It’s a loaf of soft, fresh sourdough bread, cut into quarters, covered and stuffed with cheese, sitting atop balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It’s a sinful delight for sure! We’ve tried to reproduce this at home, but it’s never quite as good.

So, after perusing the rest of the menu, we decided there was nothing there that we wanted for an entrée, so we decided to head to the new House Kitchen & Bar on Capital Mall where 55 Degrees used to be. Stay tuned…

For more information on Rio City Café, visit their website: http://www.riocitycafe.com/

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