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Seasons’ New Patio

If you haven’t enjoyed a meal or glass of wine on Seasons’ new patio, it’s time to treat yourself. I was pessimistic when construction began. “Who wants to stare at the Hallmark Inn parking lot?” I told Jon. Now that I see the completed project, I’ll admit that I was wrong.

Seasons' Beef Carpaccio appetizer

The patio is truly gorgeous with a tall wall with lovely plantings offering privacy from the neighboring parking lot. The stained cement floors lead to the large tiled walls. The focal point is the lit waterfall at one end of the patio. The wood ceilings are lovely with large paddle fans, outdoor heaters, and French-style windows. Green awnings dress the wall of windows looking into the restaurant and the handsome furniture consists of wood tables and wood and wicker chairs. You enter through two doorways, one lined with four wine barrels. It’s warm and welcoming, and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the fine dining experience by sitting outdoors.

We visited last Thursday after the Chamber of Commerce mixer to enjoy dinner on the patio. Graduation weekend was in full swing, so we walked into the crowded restaurant realizing that we should have made reservations. Crystal, the manager, explained that the patio was full, would I like to sit inside.

Scallop and Lobster Cioppino

Crystal saw my disappointment and said that they only had tall, bistro-style tables available on the patio. I told her we’d take it. I don’t know why those aren’t considered  dining tables. Two more sat empty on that busy night.

We took advantage of the ½ price bottle of wine Thursday by ordering a Honig Sauvignon Blanc that is regularly priced at $28, but on this night, was $14. We then started with the Beef Carpaccio appetizer, $7, served with Dijon, capers, arugula, lemon and parmesan. It looked so good, that we ate it without taking a photo to share with you, so we ended up ordering a second one to photograph (and eat). It’s fresh, light, with great flavor combinations. I highly recommend it and its great price.

Chicken Chop served with Fingerling Potatoes

For my entrée, I ordered the Thursday night special – Scallop and Lobster Cioppino, $29, and Jon ordered the Chicken Chop, $18. I’ve eaten their Cioppino before, long ago, and it has changed. Instead of a thick soup, it’s a broth that’s perfectly spiced and flavorful. The seafood was prepared perfectly and plentiful. This dish is mostly seafood sitting in broth whereas it used to be mostly soup with seafood hidden within. The scallops were the small variety and very tender. The lobster was great. There were also mussels, and fish. It was a great, hearty dish.

The Chicken Chop was a sautéed breast and wing served with Fingerling Potatoes, roasted broccoli, smoked Portabella and pan jus. Jon ate every last bit, especially enjoying the smoky Portabella.

The train passed by much to our enjoyment, the patio was full of celebrations, and people we knew passed by on the sidewalk, all while we were enjoying a wonderful meal. Needless to say, the patio is a great addition to the Davis dining scene, and makes Seasons feel fresh and new all over again. www.seasonsdavis.com

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