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Marathon Meal!



It is only fitting for our running group to sit the length it took to run our first half marathon (3 hours!) to lunch! The setting is Osteria Fasulo, the date, Thursday, May 20th and the occasion: three of our Divas’ birthdays.  I arrived first with cake from our local Nugget Market  in hand.

Within minutes the rest made their presence known: Yo (londa), Lucinda, Judy, Martha, Jennifer (guru & coach) and Lori. Everyone arrived excited to see each other and looked fabulous outside their running gear! We found a table on the outdoor patio area of the restaurant that was pleasant. The weather was not too warm or cold and the sound of the water fountain enhanced the atmosphere.

Leonardo Fasulo, proprietor and owner offered us a complimentary appetizer of Polenta Lasagna with cheese sauce which we welcomed and devoured with delight!

The lunch menu offers a three coarse meal; soup or salad, then a choice of three different fresh pastas: Spinach Taglierini in butter, rosemary and parmesan, Gnocchi al la Marinara or Linguine al Pesto. This amazing lunch deal offered at $15 also comes with a Dolce de la Casa – sweet or dessert of the house. There are a number of a la carte menu options to choose from also.  One of those offerings, the Breasola & Burrata was tempting but I wanted to go for something lighter considering it was lunch and there was wine and cake to account for!  Judy and Lori ordered the spinach Taglierini while the rest ordered the Gnocchi a la Marinara. I ordered from the a la carte menu: L’Insalata di Fave, Speck & Pecorino, Fava beans, Imported Speck ,Pecorino cheese, Poached eggs , dressed with extra virgin olive oil.  

POLENTA LASAGNA with cheese Sauce - Tomato Bisque - Garden Salad in Parmesan Basket

For starters came the soup and salads: the tomato bisque soup came highly recommended by Lucinda. It was rich, creamy and just the right amount ! The insalata fresca came bedded in a parmesan basket and was visually inviting and so tasty that the soup choosers went for a taste test.  The balsamic dressing was light and scrumptious and everything tasted garden fresh!

With a bottle of Frogs Leap Cabernet Sauvignon open, the conversation and laughter hit its full stride. Gifts, cards, stories and laughter were exchanged! Between courses we also managed to plan two more excursions: a hiking trip to Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve  as well as going to see the new Sex and the City Part 2!          

Spinach Taglierini, L’Insalata di Fave, and crowd pleaser Gnocchi al la Marinara

 We were happy to see our entrees arrive. There wasn’t much left on Judy and Lori’s plate so the Spinach Taglierini in butter, rosemary and parmesan was a hit!  The gnocchi was creamy and in perfect mouthwatering portions which I sampled off of Lucinda’s and Martha’s plates!   My salad was light, tasty and lovely as I expected. The prociuto, olive oil and poached egg added great flavor and texture to the dish.      

Birthday Girls - Judy Howard Reuben, Lori Walters and Martha Bernauer

Our marathon lunch ended with birthday cake that was brought out by our lovely waiter with three symbolic candles; each to celebrate the amazing ladies we have all had the privelage to call a close friend.  We sang happy birthday and endulged once again! This time it was a buttercream chocolate cake with rasberry and buttercream filling.  A lovely time was had by all! Stay tuned for more fun and frivality with the Divas!      

Happy Birthday to Martha, Lori and Judy!  

Ara - AKA Sassy Spice

I own and run V.I.P. Studios Photography in Davis. I have lived in three different countries before age 14 and speak three languages fluently. I love making my clients feel their best and am passionate about capturing precious moments. My hobbies are home remodeling and decorating, trying new restaurants and live music.  I am most content at home with a glass of red wine editing my own work but I can leave at a drop of a hat for an intriguing adventure! I aspire to retire early so I can golf and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Food Network and my dog Travis keep me entertained. I run to keep up with the demands of my hectic life. I have completed 3 halfs and one full marathon so far and have a goal of finishing 4 more halfs in 2010!      

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