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Go on an Egg Hunt

Want to take the kids out for an egg hunt? No, we are not talking Easter eggs here. Think bigger. Think… Egg Heads.

Here on the UCD campus Robert Arneson created sculptures of eggs with faces on them that are each about the size of a person. They are incredibly expressive and often appear to look like they have been into some mischief.

A total of seven eggheads are located in five areas of the UC Davis campus. Each location is not all that far from the previous one. If you have young kids this can make for a great art walking tour. For the older kids you can download the map of the egg locations and let them sharpen their map reading skills by finding each one.

This is a fun activity during the summer when the campus is not full of students. However, if you happen to take this walk during the school year, you can stop in at the coffeehouse when you’ve finished for a snack for the way home.

Need more reasons to get egg-cited about this little trip? Bring along your camera and snap photos of your participants with, beside, or on the eggs. Email the photo to me at lora@trippingwithkids.com by July 18th.  An upcoming article will include a collection of your best eggspressions.

You can check out more trip ideas at www.trippingwithkids.com

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