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Dad, Mom, me, and Sister

Did you know that there were 1500 US breweries in 1910, only 78 in 1985, and now there are over 1,595 breweries in our country?

I just found that out.  Pretty interesting how things go up and down.  Speaking of up and down, I recently had a beer where the bubbles travel both up and down as the beer sits in the glass.  Weird yeast or something.

Actually that doesn’t exist.  I just made it up.  I just wanted to transition with “Speaking of…”

So speaking of transitions, I just graduated UC Davis.  I’m no longer a student (although I’ll still carry my student ID around for discounts).  I had seven family members come up to celebrate and watch me walk.  We did a lot of eating out.

On Friday night, before I walked, we went to Burgers & Brew.  With my avocado cheeseburger I ordered a bottle of Three Philosophers, a Belgian quadruple from Ommegang in New York.  While all the food was delicious as usual, I can’t say I enjoyed the  Three Philosophers much.  It was at first sweet, then tart with cherry flavor, and then had some alcohol in there–and that was kind of it.  Not necessarily bad, just not all that exciting to me.  I was jealous of the two pints of Arrogant Bastard that one of my grandma’s ordered–it’s her favorite beer.

Then on Saturday night after the whole graduation ceremony we went to Aioli Bodega Espanola, which was pretty fun since I had studied abroad in Spain last Spring quarter.  Well, actually, it was just really nice, so I’m sure it would have been fun even without that nostalgic quality.

While we ordered no beer here, we got some interesting wines and DELICIOUS foods.  I had half a duck on my plate, glazed in a honey and cinnamon sauce.  Pretty sweet.  Although I noticed that it looked like 100% of their customers that night were graduates with their families, which made me wonder: who usually eats there on a Saturday?

In between things we’d relax at our hotel’s happy hour, sipping on what I would guess was Sudwerk’s marzen, but was told it was their amber something.  Either way, it was a pretty nice relaxing-out-by-the-hotel’s-pool-in-between-events-beer.

So now that I’m finished with school, I’ll have a differently structured week.  I’m hoping to fit in some more beer tastings to feature on here as well as some brewery trips.  And anything I learn/find that makes me think “I’m glad I know about this now, I wish someone had told me about it earlier,” I’ll share here.  For example, did you know that Tacos and Beer now has a 10pm-midnight happy hour?  Pretty nice.  I was waiting for them to adopt that.  In fact I suggested it on their DavisWiki page when they first opened.

For now I’m going to keep workin’ on that “Where to get beer in Davis” flowchart…it’s a big task.  I’d say it’s about half finished.  And I also want to see that movie Get Him to the Greek.  David Denby of the New Yorker LOVED IT.  Like…his adjectives were almost sarcastically complimentary, but he was being sincere…he called P.Diddy’s comic timing “devastating” …….I mean, ok, that is a dramatic word that makes you pause…but to apply it to comic timing?  Eh, I duno.  I mean, he’s an interesting reviewer, but I thought some of those adjectives were just a bit too much.  Although they are urging me to go see it.

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