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The Trees are Alive With . . .

Hi. I’m Walking Bob. I’ve been walking all over town and discovered that even though our Woodland and Sacramento neighbors both claim the title “City of Trees,” our trees are much more interesting to look at.  Why?  Because of the strange things that appear in them.

That opening photo was one I took as I walked down Third Street one day and saw a couple of what I used to call tennis shoes on the ground beneath a tree.  However, just as the names and purposes of athletic shoes have expanded, so had the number of walking shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, skating shoes, cross-training shoes, and for all I know lacrosse shoes that filled one tree.  They were carefully tied together, like that practical joker did to you in junior high school, and tossed over the limbs of the tree in front of an apartment complex.  Some of the shoes were obviously on the way to being tossed in the trash, but some looked better than the shoes I was walking in.

Derrick Bang, Davis’ biggest Charlie Brown fan, wrote a book called “50 Year of Happiness” that documented just about anything you’d want to know about the Peanuts comic strip, including when characters from Peanuts first appeared in the comic strip.  One of my famous “characters” was the kite-eating tree, which first appeared on April 12, 1956.  I wonder what Mr. Schulz would have thought about our shoe-eating tree.

And shoes aren’t all I’ve seen in our trees.  I was walking along C Street one day when I looked up to see a vacuum cleaner in a tree.  When I asked the young men sitting in front of the nearby fraternity house about how it got there they smiled and said it just appeared there one day, but they liked it.

There are also times when I’ve seen objects that look like they’re in the trees, whether they’re attached or not.  For example, a squirrel seems pretty shocked at what he saw in his tree along First Street.  Naked squirrels are fine, but I don’t think he expected a naked woman joining him in the tree.

Another time I was walking through the Davis Cemetery and saw a man who appeared to be trimming the trees with the divine intervention of a nearby angel.  Now that’s what I call accident insurance.

A quick bit of advice as you head around town.  Don’t forget to watch your step as you look around the trees because you can’t see anything when you’re face down on the sidewalk.  I say that from experience, although I’m trying to be more careful so that I don’t have to change the name of my blog to Tripping Bob.

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