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Serenity Spots

Stop for lunch on the Davis Bike Path

Wanna get away?

Sometimes we all need to just ‘take a moment’ amidst the chaos of life. It’s fun to fantasize about escaping to the beach or the mountains when life is hectic, but I’d like to offer something a little easier, and a little closer to home.

I call these places “serenity spots”. They are little nooks and crannies where I can take a step back from my day, turn off the technology, and just ‘be’. It feels wonderful. 20 minutes of peace and quiet can refuel me for the rest of the day. These little breaks help me avoid the pitfalls of excess stress: eating sugar, getting headaches, snapping at my husband, or just not feeling excited about life.

It’s no secret humans benefit from fresh air, sunshine, and natural environments. The trick is making it a priority to carve some R&R into your day. Take the spot in this picture: it’s the bench along the Davis bike path in South Davis, just off the Sapphire Court entrance (sort of near Drew Ave). I love this part of the bikepath because it’s a little less manicured that other spots and I can feel like I’m really in nature. You can hear birds, smell flowers and see the many shades of green the Davis landscape offers.

On this day I was studying at the Common Grounds cafe (love it!) and needed an outdoor lunch break to clear my head. A quick jaunt on the bikepath and I’d found the serentiy I was looking for.

Lucky for us, in Davis we don’t really have to look to far for these spots. They are everywhere, it’s just a matter of you finding the ones you like and giving yourself permission to take a break. You need it. We all do. Go take one now!

What are your favorite spots?

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