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Sac’s Bombay Bar and Grill

My love for Indian Food began in February of 2009 when Kris and were in San Diego.  We were wandering around the Gaslamp district searching for a restaurant to spend our last night in the city.  We walked by Monsoon and were instantly drawn to its ambiance.  It looked cozy and inviting and right up our alley.  We were stuck on the cuisine though, as neither of us had really ever had Indian food.  After glancing at the menu, I said, “let’s try it”.  Boy am I glad we did!  It was wonderful!

Himalayan Appetizer Plate

Needless to say, I was very excited when I pulled up to my bank and saw that a restaurant called Bombay Bar and Grill was about to open across the street.  Indian food in midtown, in a classy setting?  Yes!

I had high expectations going in and they were most definitely met.  Kris and I were starved as we made the walk to Bombay and could not wait to try their dishes.  We started off with the Himalayan appetizer plate that consisted of quite a few items to try.

For dinner, we ordered the Prawn Tikki Masala, which was amazing!  It was so

Vibrant Fully Stocked Bar

flavorful and mildly spicy.  I loved it!  We also ordered the Chicken Vindaloo, which was spicy and amazing!  Both dishes were served with tzaziki sauce, golden lentils, curried potatoes and cauliflower and of course tasty naan bread!

Everything was so flavorful and yummy, we were in heaven!  To top it off they also have a great wine and beer list and I enjoyed my meal with a glass of Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc, while Kris had a Newcastle.

Chicken Vindaloo

The ambiance inside Bombay is lovely, with candles, authentic Indian art, and vibrant colors.  We’ll definitely be returning here sooner than later to enjoy more of their tasty dishes!  Bombay Bar and Grill is located at 1315 21st Street in Midtown between Capitol Ave. and N Street.

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