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What was once the downtown Davis Togo’s is now Tacos & Beer. The only reminder of Togo’s is the exterior and the dining area opposite the bar. The rest of the place has been totally transformed. When you’re sitting at the huge bar, you won’t think of a small #3 on honey wheat, no mayo with provolone and extra peppers at all.

The menu consists of several Mexican food items that you can order with your choice of meat. They offer soft shell tacos made with corn or homemade flour tortillas at $2.35 each, the Aggie Burrito at $7.25, quesadilla at $3.50, nachos at $7.75, taco salad at $7.75, tostada at $4.85, fajitas at $9.25, or plates of meat with rice, beans and tortillas at $8.75. The meat choices are generous and include Carne Asada – grilled steak, Pollo Asada – grilled chicken, Barbacoa – slow-cooked shredded beef, Carnitas – braised pork and Al Pastor – marinated pork.

Jon and I experienced Tacos & Beer for the first time over lunch with a few friends & colleagues from our Coldwell Banker office – Kris Christensen and Camelia Lopez. We each ordered a few tacos so were able to try all of the meat selections. Our favorite was the Barbacoa as it had the most flavor. The rest of the tacos were mostly flavored by the salsa and condiments that we added. The corn tortillas fell apart so we had to eat the tacos with a fork, but the flour held up well. If you order corn, you might want to ask them to put two tortillas on each taco as other places sometimes do.

The salsa bar is gorgeous. There are lots of salsas to try with great flavors, as well as a grilled vegetable bar as well. For Happy Hour they offer several specials including a basket of three crispy tacos for $5.00. This is the only time you can get the crispy shells… odd for a place called Tacos & Beer.

They serve many bottled and draft beers including Mexican favorites like Corona, Dos Equis Amber, Dos Equis Lager, Modelo, Negra Modelo, Tecate, Bohemia, Carta Blanca, Pacifico and Sol. They also have Agave wine margaritas in regular and strawberry flavors.

To order, you go to the back window then find a seat and they’ll bring the food out to you. Or, better yet, skip the line, sit at the bar and order through the friendly bartenders. This is a little trick I’m sharing with our DLM readers. However, don’t tell too many people, or you and I will both be stuck waiting in line. If you see me come in, save me a stool.

Tacos & Beer is located at 715 Second Street in downtown Davis. 758-2699.

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