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Natural Elements Indoors


An amazing West Davis remodel by Julie Haney of JMH Architecture was featured at this year’s Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour.  The homeowners, a professional couple, had been living in their home for over ten years and a remodel was on their minds. The direction of the remodel was to upgrade the worn out 1990s finishes and bring in elements to inspire sacred time for rejuvenation and creativity.

New life in the atrium

Upon entering the residence one is completely captured by the steel art screens at the top of the ceiling separating the formal living and dining areas from the kitchen and family room space.

The homeowners love nature and in particular a favorite local heritage oak tree near the UC Davis campus. This tree and a natural color palette directed much of the remodel. White tigerwood, an eco-timber, was used for much of the cabinetry. Different wood stain combinations were used to create graphic interest. A combination of LED and flourescent lighting was incorporated into the green design plan. Practical installations such as a communication center, organization drawers and recycling drawers were included to make hectic work schedules easier for day-to-day living.

Nick Kress expertly throws the dough

Outside in the newly landscaped backyard, Rominger West Winery was pouring tastings and Nick Kress of Standards of Excellence , a premier source of appliances and decorative plumbing, did his thing much to the enjoyment of the folks touring this particular house. Nick’s  BBQ pizzas were mounded with artichokes, tomatoes, goat cheese and red onion – Delish! 

Chef Rachelle Boucher of Drawn to the Kitchen and Standards of Excellence, served up some fabulous Tandoori Chicken Skewers, Mini Samosas and a perfectly crunchy spring slaw – Yum!  Rachelle prepared platters upon platters for the approximate 800 guests of this annual home tour. Food and drinks are definitely a draw on the home tour, and with the day’s (advanced) ticket price of $25 one gets their fill. 

Chef Racehlle Boucher and David Peck

Chef Rachelle who has worked as a private chef at the home of George Lucas commented, “My favorite kitchens include those with plenty of open countertops and large, single basin, undermounted sinks for easy clean up!” She also noted that one of her favorite appliances is a convection oven and the (newer) induction oven which is a more green option for energy conservation. Rachelle says most home cooks don’t know how to take advantage of the benefits of their convection ovens. She recommends taking out those owners’ manuals and start studying! I’m guilty myself – I think I’ll take her advice!

Vibrant color warms this eating area

The kitchen’s dining area wall color is a deep tomato ragout color, a welcome vibrant shade that compliments the natural tones and stainless steel in the expansive kitchen. In fact, many of the textiles and accessories used throughout the home have natural pigment colors – eggplant, paprika, pumpkin and pine.

Stream-lined custom cabinetry in maple


Steel art screens create interest and define the home's personality

Homes such as this on The Heart of the Home Tour keeps visitors returning year after year. Julie Haney’s architectural style captivated guests on this early May Saturday, and provided fine examples of innovative materials and local resources. The wonderful hospitality provided by Standards of Excellence helped to make it an all-around pleasant stop on the six home tour. Lucky for these homeowners in West Davis – they can enjoy their remodel for years to come. To learn more about Julie Haney Architecture visit her website.

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