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Mmm… Tutti Frutti Yogurt

Even though Yolo Berry Yogurt has been my favorite yogurt place in Davis since they opened, and not just because they’re one of our advertisers or because owner Lee Pflugrath is a friend and taught me how to drive when I was 15, I wanted to try the new Tutti Frutti Yogurt shop near Nugget Market on Covell Blvd. to tell you all how it compares!

I’m happy to say that it’s very clean. I mean very, very clean! The colors are bright and cheerful with crisp white modern tables and chairs. The owner Lucy was also the cashier and in-between customers was cleaning the yogurt machines. The place is immaculate! Not a topping askew.

The yogurt is self-serve with many flavor choices. On the day we were there, the flavors were Original Tart, Tutti Frutti, Vanilla, Death by Chocolate, Fine-apple, Orange Creame, Cookies and Cream, Watermelon Sorbet, Cappuccino and Splenda Strawberry.

The toppings look fresh and yummy, but there are only a small percentage of toppings compared to the popular Yolo Berry. The toppings include the usual suspects like candy, fruit and cereal, and then go to the other extreme with more unusual selections like Lychee Nuts, Mochi and chocolate rocks.

I chose the vanilla yogurt with fresh kiwi and strawberries, then granola. Jon was a little more sinful and had Cookies and Cream and Death by Chocolate yogurts topped with mini peanut butter cups, Heath Bar Crunch, Oreo cookies and Mochi. He was grabbing the Sour Patch Kids when I gave him the look that said, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

The yogurt is 39 cents an ounce, the same as most of the other competitors in town. We were able to each enjoy small yogurts for a total of $4.23 combined. Other people came in when we were there and absolutely loaded up the huge dishes until they were overflowing, then were aghast when the total came to $10.00.

Overall, we had a great experience at Tutti Frutti, and even though they didn’t have a large berry selection, I was satisfied. Jon seemed happy as well. So, if you happen to be shopping at Nugget or CVS, stop in to Tutti Frutti, have some yogurt and say “hello” to Lucy.

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