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Midtown Sac’s Lounge on 20

Interior Table Seating Along Stunning Wine Racks

My Name is Nikki Corbett and I am excited to be your “Feed Me Sacramento” Blogger! My blog will cover great places to eat, drink and have fun in Sacramento. As a lover of all food and drink, there is almost nothing that I will not try, so get excited to learn about all that Sacramento has to offer!

Because this is my first entry, I wanted to write about a place that is dear to my heart. Lounge on 20, located on the corner of 20th and K streets in midtown Sacramento, has been a “go-to” spot for my boyfriend and I since we

got together. Lounge on 20 is just that: a modern stylish lounge, where the

Spicy Hummus Plate

Spicy Hummus Plate

music is just right and the food and drinks are to die for! Their food and drink menu changes with the seasons which makes it a real treat to see what they will come up with next.

The seating area is not your typical restaurant scene. There are comfy couches and low tables, high bar tables and bar stools and of course you can hunker down at the bar and have your meal there. We chose to sit on a dark brown leather couch in front of a long low table with 3 lit candles on it. I let our server know that I was from Davis Life Magazine and would like to take pictures of what we were eating. She sent her manager, Garrett Hintze, over to talk to us and he could not have been nicer! And then, after we ordered our drinks, he sent over an appetizer on the house. It was a spicy hummus plate with homemade flatbread and a tomato, cucumber, olive, and walnut salad.

Lamb Sliders with House Made Fries

Delish! Next up we ordered the Fried Mac N Cheese with white truffle oil, NY white cheddar and crispy proscuitto. Trust me this is as good as it sounds. It looked so good when it was plopped down in front of us, that we started eating it before I could take a picture! Needless to say, that went quick. Lastly, we ordered the lamb sliders with tomato, arugula and house made fries, as I am a huge lamb fan. They were cooked to perfection and quite tasty!

Now, I mustn’t forget about the cocktails as that is probably the main reason why I frequent Lounge on 20 so much. The cocktails are creative and fun, and the ever changing menu leaves me curious for what comes next. I started with a Monaco Nights, which features sparkling wine, one of my all time

Monaco Nights Specialty Cocktail

favorites. It is so delicious, I had to have two! Next up was a Pimm’s Zin, which also features sparkling wine and is garnished with mint and cucumber. Yummm!

Overall, it was another fabulous experience at Lounge on 20!  Check out Lounge’s menu and specials at www.loungeon20.com.

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