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Well spring is almost over in Davis.  The rains and cooler weather giving in to long hot summer afternoons.  But there’s still time for a spring wedding article!

I love styling for weddings.  People are often surprised when I say that.  All the shows we see on TV are about Bridezillas, we always hear the worst stories, etc.  But honestly I haven’t had that experience at all.  I assume it must be a little like being pregnant (wait for it, it’ll make sense).

If you’ve ever been pregnant, or married to someone who has been, you know the drill.  You always hear the worst stories.  90 hours of labor, too late for an epidural, tearing (eeeew), back labor, nasty child (sorry, that comes later), only the bad.  But that’s just because everyone assumes you don’t want to know the good stories.  They’re boring.

Well I’ve been very lucky when it comes to weddings.  I have never had a moody bride (Don’t get me started on bridesmaids.  Why do they assume we care if it’s about them or not?)  I have had some of the best times at weddings.

I’ve done weddings in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Capay Valley, Auburn, and of course, tons in Davis.  I could go on for quite a bit, and all of them have been worth the early morning wake up call or drive.  The brides I’ve known have been cheerful and excited for the most part, probably that laid back Davis vibe.  But even here I’m happy I get to make someone feel like a princess!  I think one of the reasons I like weddings is because I get to help the bride relax; I think that’s over half of my job.

One of my very favorite weddings was Shauna.

My favorite part of the job. The finishing touches.!

She, her mother, sister, bridesmaids, were all the sweetest people I could hope for on a wedding day.  They were all worried that I hadn’t eaten (I don’t usually before 11), if I needed a break, was I attending the wedding-I almost never do, but I did in this case.  The funny part is it’s their day, not mine!  I drove 5 hours to get to San Luis Obispo, and in the end it was worth it to witness the joy of their day.

Don't skimp on the photographs!!

Part of the secret to a happy occasion is the run-through.  Though I never try to achieve the actual “do” ahead of time, it’s crucial to be on the same page.  I like to make sure we are both realistic about what the bride wants, and what the brides hair can manage.  I set aside at least an hour to try out different hairstyles,and then I practice a few times on one of my doll heads to be sure I won’t make the bride nervous the day of.  Having a clear idea for both of us allows me to focus on helping the bride relax.  The hair time is a time when the bride can simply let go and de-stress if she is comfortable with my skills.

Cara was another bride I loved working with.  She wanted to feel like a princess, and I love giving people what they want.  Cara is without a doubt one of the most upbeat people I’ve worked with.  She was being married at the R H Phillips Winery (no longer available, unfortunately).

At one point I was concerned by a somewhat unrealistic schedule she sent me.  But though I worried of offending her (you never know!) she was totally sweet about revisions.  Cara’s hair was just past her chin, she was trying to grow it as long as possible.  To make the day even more special we decided to add temporary extensions.  I think we achieved what she wanted.  And reports tell of a joyous occasion!

The most fun I ever had doing the hair for a wedding was for my ex-wife Laurie, and her new Husband Bill.  It was a family event for both of us and our son was the only attendant (well except for Buddha).

The best dog!

The day was like a family reunion.  It was a great honor to have my ex-wife ask me to do her hair for the wedding.  You can’t top that!

Of Course, they very best wedding I was ever part of was my own.

We used a lot of local businesses from Davis.  Our caterer was the Hotdogger.  The fabulous tropical spread was perfect, and the amazing plants that transformed our patio room into the lovely Hawaiian cabana were from Strelitzia Flower Company.

I’ve done enough weddings through the years that I can honestly say that the bridezillas must be pretty rare.  I’ve never met one (and hope I never do!).  I assume it has to do with the laid back attitude Davis is famous for.

As a consumer, if you’re planning a wedding, be sure and interview stylists at least 6 months in advance.  Don’t let anybody tell you you don’t need a run-through, and most importantly, make sure you are comfortable that they share your vision, and have your best interest at heart!!

Still the best dog!


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