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Here are the Divas!

The Davis Divas were born circa 2008 from Dr. Karen Zufelt’s running for women  program.  In our midst, there are PhDs, moms, professionals, local small business owners and a combination of all the above! And today, we have grown into a unique pack of accomplished women from all walks of life and backgrounds!

We love running, racing, travel and supporting each other! We hope to share with you our adventures in pursuing our fitness goals while juggling daily life in our unique town.  We would like to spread inspiration to those who think they “can’t run or are not runners”. Our goal is to educate, entertain and inspire our readers to pursue an active and social lifestyle!  We are twelve members strong. Here is an introduction to the first 10 of us!


52 already! I am the mother of two incredible boys. and the wife of a husband that God made just for me. I live to eat! I love people, if I don’t have a vacation or two booked, something is wrong. Being with my family completes me. Yep, that about sums it up. Everything I do is somehow connected to food. I love to cook. Thinking about the mingling of different flavors is like taking a short trip to an exotic place! Then there is my job. I do the books, payroll, HR etc. for my husband’s dental practice. I’m not sure if I run because I eat so much, because it feels so darn good or because I can’t go more then a day or two without the best group of friends a girl could have. They call me Sweet Spice, but I really don’t know why:)


 Developmental psychologist who runs a foreign language program in Davis while balancing the lives of two busy little girls and a husband who spends more of his time on airplanes and hotels than at home. Dedicated yogi, enthusiastic runner, and passionate internet shopper. Gossip Girl, American Idol, and Glee make me happy. Vietnam, Hong Kong, and The Maldives are my favorite places on earth.  I run because it keeps me grounded and more recently because of the amazing group of women who make me smile.  They call me Dr. Spice.


Life Coach and faculty member of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, based in Sacramento, I love supporting individuals and small businesses in discovering their strengths!  My wonderful husband and I will soon be “empty nesters” as we launch our 2nd beautiful daughter off to college in the fall.  I enjoy good food, fitness, travel, classic rock & roll, and the great outdoors.  Rehab from a rough and tumble skiing accident led me to running where my life was changed instantly for the better.  Yes! I am a runner!  It brings balance and joy to my life, not to mention the best girlfriends a gal could ever have.  Running half marathons with the Divas is not only inspirational and healthy, IT’S FUN!!!  Together, we bring out the best in each other. They call me Rebel Spice…. but nothing could be further from the truth… .


Full time insurance professional with a passion for my 2 wonderful kids, family, friends, travel, food and wine.  As I enter my 40s, I am dedicated to accepting new challenges and exploring new adventures and having a ton of fun along the way.  I run as it is much cheaper than therapy while feeding my passions and I get to spend time with an amazing group of dynamic women!  Everyone deserve a little spice in their life, therefore, I am  Red Hot Spice.


Have had five careers and am looking forward to all new adventures as an empty nester when my daughter graduates from DHS next month!!!  I have been a photographer, magazine reporter, political pollster, jury consultant and currently I’m a private investigator.  My husband David and I run our own agency in Davis.  I run because I woke up one morning and realized I was going to be 60 years old and I felt old.  I have been running for two and a half years and completed three half marathons thanks to the love and encouragement of my running Divas (I also have a butt again!).  I’m called Rockin’ Old Spice.


Cancer survivor. Military Veteran. Control freak, very organized, with a slice of OCD. Lived in four countries and five states. I always have some outrageous trip planned! I have three Tweens and am the military spouse of a Air Force medical officer. I run because in January 2009, I thought someone was following me and I realized it was my BUTT! The running is a necessity, the friends invaluable! Master planner, super bossy, swayer of maître d’ , therefore, I’m General Spice.


52 (yikes), I have 2 awesome teenage boys and a wonderful husband. Raised in SoCal and moved to Davis almost 20 years ago. I’m a travel junkie who enjoys planning almost as much as going. We love exploring Europe, sailing the Caribbean and hanging out in Tahoe. I run to eat, another favorite hobby, and started running with the group to get ready for a half marathon. I continued with them because I made some of the best friends ever. I love throwing parties and will decorate for any occasion, thus – Party Spice.


What I  want to be when I grow up?   I was a collegiate athlete and have had a slew of ‘interesting’ jobs.  I’ve made custom boat canvases, been part of the recycling grass roots movement, paved blacktop, I’ve worked for the CIA (the Culinary that is) but my husband is the chef in the family. Besides living on both coasts,   I’ve been to the “4 Corners”, camped at Conundrum Hot Springs in December!, kayaked off the Maine Coast, felt the mists of Puget Sound, and have experienced the indescribable beauty of the Grand Canyon from the base and the rim.  Now it sounds like I am the ‘outdoorsy’ type and that I love to travel – this would be true – but at 6’ tall I’d like to think I clean up pretty well, always love to have an occasion to put on my 4” heels, and enjoy & appreciate the ‘finer’ things. So this I know for sure – I am a daughter, sister, niece, wife, mother, and a runner!  Of course I never thought the last one would be on the list, but it is because of the amazing women I have met that I can say so.  They keep me going, they keep me honest, and they keep me running!  I am All Spice – but only because I can’t pick just one! 


I own and run a successful photography studio here in Davis. Lived in three different countries before age 14 and speak three languages fluently. Love making clients feel their best and passionate about capturing precious moments. My hobbies are home remodeling and decorating, trying new restaurants and live music.  I am most content at home with a glass of red wine editing my own work but I can leave at a drop of a hat for an intriguing adventure! I aspire to retire early so I can golf and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Food Network and my dog Travis keep me entertained. I run to keep up with the demands of my hectic life. The support of the divas and my steadfast will helped me achieve my goal of running my 1st FULL marathon…. That’s right! I am Sassy Spice!


I’ll be turning 50 in August and have been a Flight Attendant for 25 years this September, I’ve been flying for half of my life! I’m also a wife and mother of two kids. When I’m not being a mom or flying, I love to run, read and shop! I eat therefore I run, and when I run I feel good and when I run with our group, I feel really good! I’m so happy to be part of this amazing group of women. With my schedule, I don’t get to run with them as often as I’d like to, that’s why they call me Sky Spice.

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