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Help Cathy Fight ALS

The ALS Benefit Comedy Cabaret Variety Show

Friday, June 4th at 6-8 p.m.

Central Park Rotary Stage

4th & C Streets, Davis

Featuring: The evening’s emcees, ALS Advocate Cathy Speck & Jenna Jae Templeton

Regional Favorite Harmonic Duo Duval Speck  

Jazz Lounge Experts Robin Terra & Roger Madison

Lounge Chanteuse Eve West-Bessier

Vocal Performer Extraordinaire Lellingby Boyce

Irish Songmasters Lepradoug ‘n Seans

Local Actress Sarah Cohen

Accordion King Ben Creed

Singer/Songwriter Sabrina McFall

And more!

ABOUT THE SHOW: Emcee and performer Cathy Speck, ALS advocate and singer-songwriter, has inspired local communities with her commitment to raise awareness and to find the cure for the incurable disease she and her brother Paul are currently dying from. In the efforts to raise awareness of the disease and to benefit the ALS Association of the Greater Sacramento Area (ALSSAC), the ALS Benefit Comedy Cabaret Variety Show will bring together a wide variety of local and state-wide talent (including Cathy and her wife Linda Duval performing as the regionally acclaimed band Duval Speck), in a zany and fun evening of comedy, music, theatre, prize give-aways, information about ALS and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those dying of ALS and those who love them. Audience members are asked to bring blankets and beach chairs to enjoy the on-the-grass-and-under-the-sun entertainment.

Cathy Speck and most recently her brother Paul have both been diagnosed with and are currently dying from ALS and have experienced the familial ALS-caused deaths of their brother Larry and their mother Dorothy. Co-emcee, thespian and queer activist Jenna “Jae” Templeton was inspired by Cathy’s story to join her in raising enough awareness and money to cure this terrible disease.


Wine, beer, and other beverages available for purchase from the Davis Soroptomists. (Must have valid ID and no other alcohol is allowed in park)

Various dinner and snack items available for a small donation.

BBQ grills available– bring your own charcoal and utencils.


$10 suggested donation, kids under 10 free. Cash or check only and no pre-sale. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease,  is a neurodegenerative disease that usually attacks both upper and lower motor neurons and causes degeneration throughout the brain and spinal cord.·        Familial ALS, which has affected Cathy Speck and her family, represents between five to 10 percent of all cases. The rest arise spontaneously and mysteriously, making seemingly random attacks on previously healthy adults.·        The onset of ALS is insidious with muscle weakness or stiffness as early symptoms. Progression of weakness, wasting and paralysis of the muscles of the limbs and trunk as well as those that control vital functions such as speech, swallowing & later breathing usually follows.·      More people die every year of ALS than of Huntington’s disease or multiple sclerosis and it occurs two-thirds as frequently as multiple sclerosis.·      Approximately 5,600 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with ALS each year. The incidence of ALS (two per 100,000 people) is five times higher than Huntington’s disease and about equal to multiple sclerosis. It is estimated that as many as 30,000 Americans may have the disease at any given time.

    ·      Although the life expectancy of an ALS patient averages about two to five years from the time of diagnosis, this disease is variable and many people live with quality for five years and more.

    ·      ALS occurs throughout the world with no racial, ethnic or socioeconomic boundaries.

    ·      ALS can strike anyone.


    The ALS Association is the only non-profit organization fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease on every front. By leading the way in global research, providing assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating multidisciplinary care through certified clinical care centers, and fostering government partnerships, The Association builds hope and enhances quality of life while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure. ALSSAC’s mission is to lead the fight to cure and treat ALS through global, cutting-edge research, and to empower people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support. The Greater Sacramento Chapter of the ALS Association was founded in September 1987 with the hope of providing an opportunity for ALS patients and their families spanning 24 counties to come together, share concerns & information, and build awareness in the Sacramento Community. For more information, visit www.alssac.org or visit the ALSSAC Info Booth near the stage at the event.

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