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Get the Party Started

One of our favorite things to do when we’re having a party is to serve fruit-infused tequila. We originally got the idea from one of our favorite Sacramento restaurants, Paragary’s Centro Cocina Mexicana on J Street. It’s the easiest thing to do and really gets the party started!

Take a large decanter jar with a spigot and layer pineapple, strawberries and kiwi. Add a cheap, clear tequila to just cover the fruit. Let it sit room temperature for 3-4 days.

You’ll see that the tequila pulls the color and flavor from the fruit. The fruit will become pale and the liquid a bright pinky-orange. This means it’s ready! Refrigerate it for 24 hours if it’s a large container, then serve cold with shot glasses. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s memorable for your guests. It tastes like Kool-Aid but feels like tequila.

We’ve tried other fruit infused concoctions like blueberry and raspberry vodkas, but the results are never the same. You have to mix those in a shaker with other mixers and ice for it to be drinkable, but the pineapple, strawberry, kiwi and tequila is a winner every time!

To try many flavors of fruit-infused tequila, visit Centros. http://www.paragarys.com/go/prg/locations/centro/

If you have your own infusion recipes, let me know. I’d love to try them! This is great for large crowds since it’s self-serve, but for smaller groups, it’s  fun to shake this concoction with ice into martini glasses. Beware, it’s potent.

Time to go… I have 50+ people on their way over to my house right now to drink this fruit-infused tequila along with margaritas and tacos. Have a great weekend!

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