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First Impressions

When walking, biking or driving, a good looking front entrance of a home can catch our eye along a streetscape. We tend to look, and look again. What is it that makes us “look again”? Is it the landscaping, the architecture, the exterior paint colors, a waving flag, an inviting sitting area, or a bold front door that creates interest and a positive first impression? It’s all subjective, of course. We each have been conditioned or trained in some way over the years to see what attracts us to a certain style of home we reference as well-designed or well-put together.

In Davis we have an eclectic assortment of architectural style amidst the different neighborhoods in every direction of the city. Whatever the architectural design or color palette, solar panels or not, xeriscape landscaping or lush garden with drip-system, duplex or country property – our home is an extenstion of ourselves to some end. Granted, the almighty dollar is a huge factor between our dreams and reality for real estate and everything that goes inside and out. However, there are plenty of examples within our city limits of great style no matter what the square footage or lot size. Good design doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember, a good first impression always starts with a smile. Is your house smiling today?

To launch the first entry of my blog let’s take a “look-see” at just a few of my favorite Davis front entries and porches. These homes make a great first impression faster than you can say, “Welcome Home!”

Mid-Century inspired linear design is warmed with an orange planter and canvas seating

Craftsman original maintains its charm with well-appointed landscaping and new exterior paint

A colorful pathway brightens this approach to the front door

A mature boxwood-lined pathway leads to a collection of treasures at the front door

A graceful pair of trees balance the strength of the ironworks and arched, wooden door

Timeless design and materials create an elegant exterior for this home

Symmetrical foliage flanking this rustic Tuscan exterior creates a soft contrast

Classic American Style

Do you have a favorite house in Davis? Or, maybe a front door entry you admire? Send me a picture and some details about it; I’d love to read your email at: diana@thedesignpartner.com.

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