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Destination: Davis

Attention to all the ladies in Davis who  want a little vacation this summer…. this one is for you. The Concept: To create a half-day spa experience for women in Davis for under $100.

Ladies, now more than ever we need to engage in some ‘me time’. Economic furloughs, increased demands in the workplace and at home, preparing for the kids to be home or summer, or just the life stressors can really hinder our commitment to self-care.  Lucky for you, I have arranged the retreat right her in Davis. Come with me on this journey of rest, rejuvenation and reconnection with yourself.  This is a mid-week break, so take the day off, schedule  childcare, get a good night’s rest and prepare to take care of the most important person in your life: YOU!!  Pack a bag with  a water bottle, towel, journal, fun magazine or book, and a healthy snack.  Turn the cell phone OFF.  You won’t need it until your staycation is done.

9 am: Yoga at Barefoot Yoga Studio (219 E Street, Davis)
This mixed-level flow style yoga will wake you up while lubricating your joints and stretching tired muscles. The health benefits of yoga are endless, but balancing the nervous system, lowering heart rate , and clearing the mind are a few that go hand in hand with a mini-retreat.  Bring lots of water because the room is heated to approx 80-85 degrees.  Owners and instructors Robert and Waimei offer gentle, compassionate guidance while still challenging students to explore their boundaries.  Classes are 90 minutes, and cost $15 for a drop-in session.  Beginners are welcome.

steeping tea at the Tea List

10:45 am:  Tea and a Snack at the Tea List at 222 D Street, #3.  Bonus, you can walk her easily from Barefoot yoga.  Stepping into hidden gem is like walking into a European café on a spring day. Owner and purveyor Nahid Aram will make you feel instantly welcomed and cared for. Everything in the shop is hand picked and hand placed, right down to the fresh flower arrangements on each table. Nahid prides herself on selecting the best teas (tea is in her blood, as her grandfather was a tea merchant), and sharing her passion for tea culture with her patrons. For example, a simple 7-min tea timer accompanies your tea, for brewing perfection.

tasty homemade treats

I recommend the Bourbon St. Vanilla Roobios tea (caffeine free). All treats are hand-baked, and there are even gluten-free cookies. The Meyer lemon cake, which is made with olive oil instead of butter, or a fresh chicken salad (often touted as the “best salad ever” by guests). The Tea List exemplifies wellness, as it exudes care and intention, calmness, personal touches, and freshness. This is a lovely environment for self-reflection, so get out your journal for some personal reflextion time. Tea prices range from $2.95-$5.50/cup and snacks start at $4.50. Consider purchasing a snack for later if you’re not hungry just yet!

12 pm: Mid-day massage with Certified massage therapist, Ahbra Peach, owner of Essential Kneads Massage Therapy. Women of Davis will thank me for turning them onto Essential Kneads massage.  Proof is in the fact that my entire circle of gal pals have been to Ahbra and rave about her.  Abhra simply has a way of making women feel welcomed and instantly relaxed. Her quite, serene space on 2nd Street is like an oasis in the heart of downtown. Ahbra was called to massage therapy after a career in education because of her passion for helping women on the journey of self-care and self-discovery. She enjoys helping her clients find self-acceptance, compassion, and physical healing through massage therapy.  Ahbra also recognizes that women tend to put themselves last on the list, and values the opportunity to give her expertise and energy to her clients. Her space is decorated with a light, uplifting colors, and is embedded with treasures from her own life: a coat rack from childhood, feminine images framed as a gift from mom.  To customize the experience she let’s you choose the essential oil you want to enjoy during your massage experience.

And the massage itself?  In a word: Bliss. I especially enjoyed the back and neck work at the end of the massage.  We’ll even sweeten the deal: mention this article to get your first one-hour massage for $45. Contact Ahbra Peach at ek@massagetherapy.com or 530-902-6717

A massage oasis

Clear your afternoon schedule ahead of time so you can allow the benefits of your experiences soak in. I suggest you to spend some time walking in nature.  You’re just a few blocks away from the Davis arboretum (enter on 1st and Davis Commons). Don’t rush this part of your day. Instead be mindful:  take a sensory tour of the aboretum by noticing color, sound, smell and sensation as though it’s your first time here.  Hungry for lunch?  Find a bench and pull out the snack you purchased at the Tea list.  Reflect on your day as you eat mindfully and with gratitude for the wonderful day you’ve had.

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