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Who is Walking Bob?

Hello. My name is Bob. I am a walker.

That sounds to me like the opening comments at a twelve-step program, but I’m not trying to overcome my addiction to walking. I live in a town that has been well designed for two-wheel travel in a state designed for four-wheel commuting, but my preferred mode of transportation is to put one foot in front of the other at about four miles an hour, with a strong willingness to stop when I see something or someone of interest.

I live about three miles from downtown so at first my walks were mainly from home to downtown Davis. For variety I found there were a number of ways to make that trek, but I soon branched out when I realized I could still get in my miles by hopping on a UniTrans bus near home and getting off in West Davis or South Davis or somewhere on the perimeters of UCD and walk in new territory. Now that I’ve moved past age sixty, those trips are even free!

This blog will focus on the people I meet and the interesting sights I photograph, on my journeys. There are so many things you miss driving by in a car, or even on a bike, and so many little hidden treasures around town that you miss staying on the main commuter streets around town. There are people that you see, yet never really look at, as you move around town. My hope is to make some of those people and those places come alive so maybe you’ll want to walk, or hop a bus, and go see what I’ve seen or meet someone I’ve met.

My traveling companions are generally a journal, a camera, a bus schedule, and a fanny pack or shoulder pack to hold things so my hands are free when I trip over a sidewalk that a tree has raised beneath my feet. Although I love music, you won’t see me with a headset or ear buds because they might make me miss a bird or a voice or a Prius nearby.

I look forward to hearing from people who read the blog so you can respond to what I’ve shared, but also so you can point out people I should meet, places I should go, works of nature or artistic creation I should see, or anything else that makes this place uniquely Davis.

I’ll add that this blog has now gone on for over a year and there have only been a handful of Friday mornings when a new entry didn’t appear.  I’m always open for ideas about people and places to meet and visit in Davis or the greater Davis area, which includes Winters, Woodland, Dixon and even Sacramento.

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