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The Basic Beginning


I was about six years old when I first remember trying on an apron; I was helping my father knead the dough for bread. In a photo they took that day, I was coated with flour and laughing. Maybe it was the smell of baking bread, but I was hooked. Cooking (and baking) is a way to re-connect with tradition, family, and pass along the things you learn to others. Many of my favorite memories stem from picking fruit in the garden, preparing meals, or spending time in the kitchen.

I like to start with a simple recipe and experiment, changing and fine-tuning until it becomes just right. In this blog, I’m hoping to share some of the things I learn about cooking with you.

These days, I don’t always wear an apron when I cook , but I do laugh a lot. The kitchen is a fun place to be.

More of my recipes and photos can be found on my personal blog and website.

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