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Ten things about me

My cat and my Muse, Madeline

Hi there! Welcome to Mindful Moments. It’s nice to be setting into my new home in the internet and planting my roots with Davis Live Magazine.
I’m glad you popped in, because we should get to know each other, don’t you think? I mean, if you’re going to be perusing my column from time to time (or week to week…pretty please), I think you ought to know a little bit about the gal behind the words… so here goes.

Ten things you should know about me

#1: My cat is my muse…the top pic is her doing what she does best; resting and helping me stay grounded. Her name is Madeline and she’s just about the coolest feline on this planet 🙂

#2: I acutally study nutrition in my spare time – just for fun. Seriously. Yes, I know I am a nerd. Even more nerdy: I love to blog about nutrition. Visit me at www.offwhiteliving.com to see what I mean.

#3: I’ve been teaching yoga for over 8 yrs. I love it. No matter what I do, I’ll always find a place for teaching yoga. PS: My favorite pose is King Dancer.

#4: When vacationing, I take more food pictures than scenery pictures. You’ll probably see a lot of foodie pictures here because I believe good food to be a vital essence to leading a mindful life.

#5: I secretly want my own cooking show in the Food Network. I love to cook in front of other people and do silly events like the Davis Food Olympics in my free time!

At the UC Davis Food Olympics

#6: This is the second time I’ve lived in Davis. First time was 1994-1998. Good times. This time is better. More jogging, less drinking. More cooking, less fast food.

#7: I love to teach. Especially when the topic is wellness. It’s fun to take the ‘have to’ out of wellness and turn it into a ‘yay, doesn’t it feel good to feel good??!!’

#8: My favorite treat is hot chocolate. Silly, I know, but I make the best almond milk hot chocolate. I’ll even share the recipe with you sometime.

#9: Since 1999 I’ve been an amateur mountaineer and rock climber. If it has a peak, I want to climb it. I’m especially fond of the Cascades.

Sunset view on Mt St. Helen's

#10: Lake Tahoe is my absolute favorite place on this planet. I’m grateful to live just 2 short hours away (or 3 long hours on a Friday evening!!)

Well, that should get us started. Anything you want to tell me about you??

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