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Digging Davis

Dutch Iris and Bearded Iris

Those of us living and gardening in Davis are more fortunate than we may realize. We have a kind climate compared to many gardeners…snow is a rare, exciting event, we don’t have prolonged freezes, tornadoes, black flies, humidity…or any number of the trials and tribulations much of the country faces. We do have heat. Our soil is heavy clay and alkaline but it’s fixable.

Spanish lavender

That lack of extreme weather seems to encourage large numbers of us to wander out into whatever outdoor space we have and stick something…a trowel, our hands, seeds, plants…into the ground. Many of us are successful in our first gardening ventures and before we know it we’re checking the weather, paging through Sunset’s Western Garden Book, going on garden tours and stopping by the nursery for a quick plant fix.
We’re lucky in other ways too…we have great nurseries nearby, free or inexpensive garden workshops being offered fairly regularly, and what many consider the mother lode of gardening information…UCDavis. We find kindred gardening spirits just down the street or on the other side of the plant display. A little further afield we have seed companies, growers of many of the plants found in nurseries, specialty growers, botanical gardens, and even Sunset Headquarters itself.

Evergreen Clematis armandii

So when our peach leaves curl up and look ugly we have places to go for answers. When we want to know more than how people garden on the other side of the Rockies (because honestly, they’re playing a whole different game) we have people to consult. When we visualize a certain vignette in our garden we have ample sources of plant materials, trellises, pots, benches and whatever else we may need to make our vision real.

Tulbaghia fragrans

What are your questions? What gardening secret eludes you? Where do you go for answers? Where would you LIKE to go for answers?? What are those people going to do with that pile of mulch in their driveway? What do you do when you buy more plants than you can possibly squeeze in to your garden? (OK…that one’s easy. Buy more pots.)
From that starter tomato plant to the search for the newest All-American Rose Selection to an obsession for native plants it’s not long before we’re digging Davis in a whole new way.

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