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If Clothes Could Talk

The Wardrobe in Davis will be holding a fashion blog contest from Nov. 15, 2009, through Mar. 15, 2010. The blog is open to anyone and will serve as “something fun and interactive for the customers,” said Heather Caswell, owner of The Wardrobe, and self-taught fashion enthusiast. Heather has been developing the idea for almost two years and is excited to see the project finally up and running. “It’s taken awhile to put enough thought into it and enough people behind me on the project,” she said, “It just seems like the right people came together to support this project.”

The four–month competition will enable any customer, student, community member, or fashion-forward person to submit a piece of their fashion to the blog and write a 1,000 word written piece about it. A panel of three people, including the Sac Bee fashion writer Leigh Grogan, will be reviewing the submitted stories and people can vote as they read the stories. There will be winners for each category, as well as a best overall story winner. The prize is a fashion photo shoot or a gift certificate. “This is a new adventure for me, as far as the blog world goes.,” Heather said with resignation laced with excitement.

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