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‘Tis the Season

I really wasn’t asking for much. But it sure felt like I was. My quest began at the local Safeway, a friendly enough place where employees smile and chat, and even ask if I am having an excellent shopping experience (never mind that the question was posed by a young man while I was standing […]

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Frog City


  Here’s a dirty little secret – I’m not really a Davisite. While I’ve lived in Davis off and on since age five, and long before it became an actual city, I don’t really qualify since I’m just not weird enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m plenty weird in other respects. I know because my […]

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Stealth Angel

Eye of the Beholder

We don’t always understand it. We don’t even like some of it. Yet there is no question that our fair city is filled with it. And not only in all the obvious places. I used to think that art could only be found in museums, and that good art, however you may define that for […]

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Night falling on The Sea Ranch

Summer Escapes

  We plan for it. We save up for it. Some of us pour over maps, marking the most effective routes to get to it. Others spend weeks comparing air fares and choosing the best flight times, booking hotels and arranging for rental cars that will whisk them to exotic destinations. Still others leave perfectly […]

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Maria Sandhu and Trudy Kalisky

The Colors of Us

Walking through the farmer’s market this past Saturday was both a colorful and reaffirming experience for me. I had strolled past the fragrant stalls many times over the years, but on this particular Saturday I wasn’t admiring the vibrant assortment of produce. It wasn’t the sweet scent of blushing peaches that caught my attention, or […]

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